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Sindh TV Network  is  the  first  dynamic  source  of  information representing  the real culture of Sindh  and  original feeling of  its peoples. These feelings are based on Mystic (sufi) teachings of the sufi saints,  free of religious  breach  or  ethnic hatred,  promoting human values and  universal fraternity.   Opposite to main  stream Urdu media Sindh TV Network through its programming has not only promoted peace and harmony in between all sections of Pakistani society  but also has told about the ancient Indus valley civilization on which Pakistan is really based upon.

The research based content is the vision and farsightedness approach to educate the viewers about the history culture of Sindh and Pakistan.

Sindh TV is a hybrid channel, encompassing infotainment, music shows, kids programs,  sitcoms, mega dramas, morning show, cooking shows and variety of entertainment programs.

We focuses on promoting culture, sufism and affection for the Sindhi language with our religious and entertaining programs, dramas, songs and many more interesting line of shows. Special programs for age group. It is for that reason Sindh TV is the most preferred  option for advertisers  to  benefit  their brands in an uncluttered age group. It is for that reason Sindh TV is  he most preferred  option for  advertisers to  benefit their  brands in an uncluttered manner.-John Doe

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