Sindh TV’s Latest Soap Serial Meeras Features main cast of Sindhi Media. The Soap Serial Focusing on Culture of Villages of Sindh Includes Love, Hormouny and True Spirit of Sufism.

Star Cast
Nisar Shah, Zulfiqar Burdi, Akhtar Khokhar, Rasool Bux Dahri, Nasreen Naz, Asma Bhutto, Fozia Sammo, S.Bhatti, Wafa Dildar, Akram Shaikh, Anwar Shaad, Zafar Jiskani, Tania Khan, Khalil Abro, Waseem Mushtaq, Sana Khan Baloch, Mir Hassan Brohi, K.K, Irfan Shaikh, Ali Nawaz Solangi, Hashim Bhatti and others

Loung Shaikh

Syed Khalid Shah

Meeras - All Episodes

Meeras – Episode 84

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